Democracy and Eudaimonia

over 15 years old

14 NOVEMBER 2023 — 31 MARCH 2024

In the exhibition “Democracy and Eudaimonia”, philosophy becomes an immersive experience. Each exhibit is a challenge, an opportunity for reflection and dialogue, a moment of choice and responsibility.

Here you are a member of a digital state. To return to your world, you must make an important decision for yourself and for others.

For centuries we have been asking “How can we live well?”. Could a constitution be part of the answer to this question? The legislators of the ancient Greek world had similar concerns.

It was a time that gave rise to new questions, a time that gave birth to philosophical thought. It was a time that focused on human beings and their attitudes towards themselves and others. In your wanderings at the Aylon Lyceum you will not be alone. Your guide and assistant to the exhibition is a digital entity. She created this digital world of ideas and wants your help to fulfill her unique desire. She desires to understand how humans make decisions, how a value or an idea leads us to certain actions. Will you help her?


Subtitles are available for all exhibits in Greek and English.

For admission, book your ticket online on the corresponding slot of your choice.

• In the exhibition space, low lighting levels are combined with the use of interactive digital screens with varying brightness.
• In the first part of the exhibition, audiovisual material is projected in an enclosed space with intense lighting changes.